Teacher appreciation week isn't until May 4 - May 9, 2015 next year, but we have several customers that shop for teacher gifts throughout the year and especially for Christmas.  We get asked time and again for teacher's gift ideas so here's our well thought out list of items that will get you excited about this gift giving season.

Finding a great teacher's gift can be a challenge because often times parents must buy for multiple teachers.  How do you get everyone a nice gift without breaking the bank?  Its true that there's only so many nice gifts that fit into the $10 - $20 price range, so we've put on our super cute monogrammed thinking caps and here are our top picks for this year:

Personalized Gifts:

Personalization does something very special to an otherwise ordinary gift.  It not only... well... makes it personal, but it also shows that the gift giver is willing to invest extra time and effort on the person they are giving the gift to.   

We love these personalize-able wooden door hangers from Burton & Burton (from $11.25 to $55.95, personalization starts at $6)  This is the perfect door or wall hanger that can fit nicely into any pre-existing Christmas decor.  Personalized with teacher's name, single initial, monogram or even class name, e.g. "Ms. Smith's Class" makes this a sweet and unique gift idea that they are sure to treasure.  You can add it to a wreath or let it stand alone.



When the budget is tight think candles and sachets, or a nice room spray.  Teachers would rather receive a nice consumable item than something they have to look at year after year that was given to them just for the sake of giving it.  Plus, Shannon says, "It's just smart shopping.  This is one of the best ways you can stretch your money and get something really nice in the process."   

GreenLeaf offers beautiful long lasting scents in attractive packaging.  (from $2.95 to $33.75)

We have assembled these into gift packages in the past and have had a great response.  Look for GreenLeaf gift packages this Christmas season at Lolli & Bop.  

We also LOVE the scents (and the southern names of them) from Bourbon Royalty. These Candles were born and raised in Baton Rouge and the 8oz candle is only $18, trust us, these are awesome!



Well we can't forget jewelry!  What teacher wouldn't want a nice piece of jewelry?  Jewelry is always a safe bet for gift giving, but Kristie says, "Stick to the classic timeless pieces, especially if you don't know their personal taste that well."  We love these Classic Two Tone Bangle Bracelets ($16.99) available in 16 different initials.   



Slippers or Gloves:

Slippers and gloves are not really a necessity and therefore remind us of pampering.  We all have our own trusty go-to pair, but who wouldn't want another set?  Check out these smart gloves from Mud Pie ($16.95), pre-embroidered with initial…or how about the most comfortable pair of knit slippers from The Royal Standard ($11.25, add $10 to monogram the pair).