It is truly a blessing to be business owners in South Louisiana and to give back to the community that we have known and loved our whole lives. Without you, our wonderful customers, we would have never been able to grow and learn as much as we have since opening our doors two years ago. That being said, 2015 holds the promise of change and prosperity that we have yet to realize, but we are open minded and ready--bring it.

Kristie and I leave for market this week and are excited about the new undiscovered products that we will be able to bring home to Lolli & Bop. It is our goal to find and add the latest trending products, especially those with added value like Made in the USA, eco sustainable, multi-use products, etc. Our ears and hearts are always open, if there is something that you would like to see us carry that we currently do not have, please call it to our attention. We entertain all suggestions, and pride ourselves on offering customer driven products and services. It is what makes us unique and it is how we will continue to thrive. Thank you again for a wonderful 2014 and God bless you and your loved ones in 2015 and beyond.