Here's something I will no longer live without.  

We have discovered Library of Flowers!  More importantly, we're head over heals in love with their Perfumed Creme.  This stuff is tripled layered, meaning it has three levels of wonderful perfumed aromas that will entice your senses all day long.  And it is so amazingly creamy with a light texture that is non-greasy and absorbs into the skin instantly.

So let me tell you how we happened upon these little jars of heaven.  

Kristie and I were at market, and as always, like crazy women, we're running through showrooms trying to conquer our insurmountable To-Do list when we realize we're probably going to be late for our flight.  We decide to get the job done anyway and run through the last showroom where this new line by Margot Elena catches our eye.  We've always loved their sister line, Lollia, and carry it in the store.  Library of Flowers looks appealing, but for now there's no time and we keep going.  As we finish up with our orders, papers are flying in and out of bags and we're trying to organize - emphasis on the word "trying" - I realize we've missed our flight and we have that terrible panic attack moment.  Both of us do.  When we rush to get out the door the representative for this line throws us each a sample and we shove it in our purses and head out the door into a cab and off to the airport.  

Fast forward one week--  I'm in California for a training and at some point I find myself digging through my purse for chapstick and lotion because this Louisiana girl doesn't do well in dry climates.  Well what do I find…yep, it's my Library of Flowers cream.  The girl sitting next to me begins to complement how wonderful my perfume smells and she won't stop going on and on about it so I take notice.  Just like anything new, positive reinforcement like that makes you take a second look.  So I begin to text Kristie that we should consider bringing in some of this stuff to the store when she beats me to it with a text message.  Her message has a bunch of housekeeping stuff for the store and then there at the bottom she asks me if I've had a chance to try my Library of Flowers sample.  She lets me know that she tried hers and just can't get enough of it.  She even found a new home for it on her bathroom vanity next to all of the other essentials because of how much she loves it.  

It wasn't only that girl sitting next to me who complemented how great I smelled, complements happen every time I wear it.  And the beauty of this perfumed creme is that you can apply as little or as much as you want.  You can mix it in with other lotions or use it alone.  It's versatile in that way and it seems to me to change as the day wears on without giving me a headache.  Quite the contrary, it is so inviting that I have caught myself sniffing my own skin :0 

 Here's what their website has to say about it:


The Art of Perfume Delivery Reimagined. A triple-scented perfume alternative,
the Parfum Crema is a modern interpretation of parfum intended to be worn
in place of traditional fragrance.

To Enjoy:
With three times the fragrance of our Eau de Parfums, a dab (or two!) of Parfum Crema can be worn alone as perfume. For an overall body experience, layer on our extra-moisturizing Coco Butter Handcreme.

As seen in the "O, Beautiful!" feature – O, The Oprah Magazine, April 2013.