The new Sadie Robertson Live Original Collection by Glory Haus features beautiful home decor products and jewelry that encourages, inspires and uplifts teens and adults alike to ‘Live Original’.

Well-known for her role on the wildly popular television shows – A&E’s Duck Dynasty, and her recent appearance on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars - Sadie has captivated audiences with her girl-next-door modern charm, authenticity, and high values. Known for her dimples and engaging smile, Sadie has the quick wit of her dad, Willie, and the Southern grace of her mother, Korie. Living as a culturally relevant teen who loves God and her family, Sadie has become a role model for other teens and for parents who are eager to instill the same characteristics in their children.  We love Sadie and all of her ideals.  With that being said, it's only natural that we would want to offer her collection to you and to inspire the daughters of Louisiana and beyond.  We hope you enjoy these beautifully inspiring gifts.