Everyone we talk to loves the idea of buying local.  And why not?  It enriches the life blood of our economy by supporting local artists and entrepreneurs which in turn enriches our community.  Well, we've recently begun a new love affair with Acadian Pride Laundry Detergent. ALL of us are hooked. I personally feel that this detergent has made doing laundry, a chore I often despise, a not so terrible task. Named "Luxurious" by design and rightfully so, this amazing laundry detergent enchants the senses and is long lasting with such high quality ingredients that it will have you hooked too.  Wash your sheets, towels, bath mats, anything at all that you want to surround you with amazingness...because that's what this stuff is going to do!

Meet the owners of Acadian Pride, Cherie and Trent, and help us congratulate them on a product well made.  

From the Acadian Pride website:

Cherie Gartland- Co-Owner/ Product Director

Cherie has over twenty years experience as an analytical and formulating chemist in the energy industry.  In 2009, she began formulating premium fragrances into affordable consumer products.  She sold Festival International, Picking Figs and River Ranch Luxurious Laundry Detergent to friends and family, but could not meet the overwhelming demand.

Trent Templet- Owner/ President

Trent joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 1997. During his service, he completed 4 combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. After 16 years of honorable service, he retired to Terrebonne Parish and served as a Deputy Sheriff. He partnered with Cherie Gartland to resurrect the Luxurious Laundry Detergent line and form Acadian Pride Fragrance Co. LLC.