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Since life can get very hectic and demanding at times, it's important for us to take those little moments to lolligag and bebop through life to enjoy its's simple pleasures.
The name Lolli & Bop is a nod towards the relaxed, carefree enjoyment of life. 

Lolli & Bop Boutique is a trend-setting kid-friendly engaging gift boutique that is unsurpassed in customer service.  Let us help you find the perfect baby gift, children's clothing, accessories, birthday gift or personalized gift. We provide a high quality of ever changing, well thought out gift ideas for all your gift giving needs. Wrap that up with our monogramming services and complementary gift wrapping, and you will be ready to come back for more.

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Kristie & Shannon


Kristie and I met late in 2009 as new and nearly next door neighbors.  We became friends instantly as did our 4-year-old daughters at the time.  Over the years we've taken trips together, laughed a lot together, have been pregnant together and enjoyed watching our kids play together.  It was on a back to school beach trip with our girls in August of 2012 that I suggested we open a store.  I had been in sales most of my adult life, and when she agreed without hesitation I thought that maybe I had sold the idea too well.  It was then that I realized we needed to quickly get the gears in motion with a business plan and everything else that opening a new business entailed that I knew nothing about.  We incorporated the help of my amazing sister-in-law who has her own successful business and she willingly mentored us.  We took lots of notes, made lots of phone calls and spent lots of nights setting up without much sleep.  Considering all that goes into opening a new business, everything just kind of fell into place.  We opened our doors in October of 2012.  


Looking back at all of it now, and I think Kristie would agree, it feels like Lolli & Bop was just meant to be.  We have come such a long way since then and have learned so much…..sooo very much.  Our business has grown and to date has exceed all of the sales goals we have ever set for it.  But even now we find ourselves laughing at times and joke that we still don't really know what we're doing.  That may be true in certain aspects but the two of us will never back down from a challenge.  In fact, we excel and laugh in the face of a challenge.  Maybe that's what makes it so much fun.  Or maybe that's where our success is driven from.  Whatever it is, it never gets old.  People often ask if we're sisters especially when we go on our fabulous market trips.  We're not but sometimes it feels like she's the sister I never had.  And I always really enjoy the compliment.


Kriste is a happily married mother of two beautiful girls and a domestic diva.  She is from Lafayette and before opening Lolli & Bop, worked as an x-ray technician for a local orthopedic surgeon.  She has a tasteful eye for all things beautiful and a knack for decorating and market trends.  Kristie is the visionary genius of Lolli & Bop and the mastermind behind best-selling merchandise and is credited with all of the store's creative direction and gorgeous displays.

Shannon is also a Lafayette native.  She is a graduate of Acadiana High and has a degree from LSU.  A God fearing dedicated mother of three, and happily married to a proud American Veteran, she has had a wonderful career in medical device sales prior to opening Lolli & Bop.  She is the brains behind the store and operates as the marketing and sales analyst and is credited with website design.            







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