Dance Baskets

A Tisket, a Tasket, so you need a Dance Basket?

Relax, you've come to the right place.  Lolli & Bop happily creates custom gift baskets to your exact specifications. With an impressive selection of gift ideas for girls of all ages, creating your Dance Basket is a snap.  Ready-made gifts are great, but we know that sometimes only custom will do.  That's why each year we go through great lengths to seek out the very best gift options, then we put some serious creative thought into designing exceptional packaging ideas that will wow your dancer.  We do all of this while maintaining affordable pricing and we even throw in delivery and handling to the Heymann Performing Arts Center at no additional charge.    


Okay, where do I begin?

Lolli & Bop offers a staggering array of merchandise to include in your gift basket.  You may choose from danced themed, beach themed, spring, etc.  Whatever is most appropriate and perfect to you is exactly what your dancer will find cheerfully greeting them on their big day.  We are working to make online ordering available, in the meantime, come in or call and we can take care of the rest.  You can see some of our recommended gifts here.


Can I add a gift from home?

Need to include an item not offered at our store?  No problem.  Just spend $50 or more with us and we'll let you throw it in for no additional charge.


How does delivery work? 

Once you have placed your basket order, we package everything up here at the store and will hold it until the day of the dance recital.  Dance Baskets are delivered on the morning of the event to the Heymann Performing Arts Center during an allotted time predetermined by the Heymann, usually in the morning well before dancers begin to arrive.  They are labeled by dancers' names, placed on tables in the back dressing area, and will be awaiting the dancers as they arrive.  Some dance schools have multiple performance times so we group the afternoon and evening review baskets separately to help keep things less confusing.  However, as baskets get picked through, they can get moved around so we recommend that you let your dancer know that she should seek out her gift, otherwise she may not know that it's there waiting on her.

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